Bees in the Food Hive

So my friends and I, being the broke but reckless college seniors that we are, decided to do this thing where we go to a different food park each month. The concept of food parks blew up here in the Philippines around mid-2016 (or maybe even before and I am just oblivious) and suddenly they’re all over the place. I’m a sucker for all things food, and food parks were basically outdoor food courts, with more interesting options. I thought it would something to write about (even though most of these places will probably be nothing new). So here we are.

Now a few weeks ago, I spotted this video posted by The Philippine Star all about these nachos in a food park and I was obssessed. I messaged all my friends immediately. I was like “YO. WE GOTTA GO HERE LIKE YESTERDAY.”

It took us a couple of weeks, but we made it. Our needed a food park for the month of March and we were headed to The Food Hive.

Getting there wasn’t really a problem, but then again, I had a car. Imma figure out how to commute there eventually and see how it goes. The aesthetic was cool, sort of what you would expect of any food park. Hanging lightbulbs, colorful metal chairs (which cool down your butt a bit because damn, it was hot that day), and dark wood accents. There were some restaurants on a second level. Interestingly enough, there was a stand-alone japanese restaurant in the back, assumingly not part of the actual park because it had a sign that said “no outside food and drinks allowed.” Oh well.


IMG_2811I came for the nachos, so naturally, that’s what I ordered. It. was. huge. I mean… there’s no way you can eat that by yourself. It’s crazy. It’s called the Nachos ala Bomb from La Cantina’s Modern Mexican Cantina, and it’s a mound of nacho chips, topped grilled (repeat for emphasis: grilled) cheddar shavings, mozarella strings, la carnita cheese sauce, mexican beef, refried beans, and cucumber salsa. Honestly and truly the most sinful plate of nachos I have ever faced, and I loved every bit of it. It’s just a whole bunch of cheese and other things and it’s rich and beautiful. It’s not even the type of dish that you want to make last long and savor. NAW, YOU EAT THE DAMN THING. To any diet-cheaters out there, this is the one plate you’d want to cheat with.

There were Aafew more stand-outs that my friends ate (because we all ordered different things and sort of stole from each other’s plates).

First up is the Juanita Freak Frappe from Mozafrió (it’s upstairs, in case you miss it). You can get this as a reguar frappe, which ain’t bad, ooooorrrr  you can have some fun and get the freak version where they put a load of cookies and brownies and other sweet things on top. And now, what is life without any fun?

IMG_2814For more sinful snacks, the sisig fries of Po Bo (which stands for potato..something) are bomb. It doesn’t look like much, but it’s definitely something that will get your heart going (with like.. cholesterol and things) but what a way to die. They have other types of fries on their menu too!

Or you can experiment with Yordanovi, which is (if I’m not mistaken) a Bulgarian restaurant. Now forgive me, because I completely forgot the name of the dish my friend bought, but I’m it was some sort of meat, surrounded by three scoops of mashed potatoes. All things were delicious. 10 out of 10, would go again.

Now of course, there are probably some other notable dishes in that area, but I can only speak for what I ate, which was a considerable amount of plenty. Bottomline is, whatever we ate in there was pretty freakin’ awesome, and I would definitely go back to stuff my face again. Admittedly, prices are… well, pricey. But only from the perspective of my very low budget. If you plan on heading to The Food Hive, I would suggest bringing around P200-300. More if you wanna fill yourself silly.

Being the crammers that we our, we left our food park slot for March until the very end, but everything was worth it. Definitely check it out and see for yourself.

Cheers fam, to a life with grilled nachos.

As always, thanks for sticking with me.

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The Food Hive: 82 Visayas Avenue, Quezon City, 1128 Metro Manila, Philippines
Opening hours: 2-11pm on Weekdays, 2-12mn on Saturdays, 12mn-12nn & 2pm-12mn on Sundays.

The Philippine Star Video:


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