New Year in Singapore

New Year’s Eve in Singapore is a quiet affair, but maybe everything compared to the Philippines is a quiet affair. There were fireworks and there were hundreds of people. It’s just that they didn’t seem like they were celebrating. But it was interesting anyway (lol).

We decided to watch fireworks at Marina Bay Sans. Now, according to the website, there were 4 places we could watch the fireworks from, and we decided to watch them from the theaters on the bay in the Esplanade. After a family dinner at Swissotel, we walked to the Esplanade. My sister was hella sleepy, so we decided to wait and wait at the steps of the esplanade. We finally got up and walk to the theaters around 11:15 pm. Of course, as expected, the theaters were jam packed with people. There was a show. We heard it, but we saw nothing. Not that it mattered. We came in to the theater dancing to Uptown Funk, so all was well.

My dad and I bought some drinks at this place called Molly Roffey’s Irish Pub, right near where the show was happening. If you’re ever in the area, check them out. They make a mean Shandy.

We then picked a spot near Makansutra Gluttons Bay because we decided “Screw the show, we wanna see the fireworks”. So we picked a spot that had a good view of the sky. Of course, we still had to share with hundreds of other people. There was a special video shown on the Fullerton (yes on it) and we couldn’t see it at all. That could also be because of the huge tree blocking the way. That video led to the 10-second countdown and then came the beautiful fireworks. The fireworks were pretty freaking amazing. I actually got goosebumps. The best New Year’s Eve fireworks I’ve seen so far!

The reasons behind the quiet New Year’s Eve is more because after the fireworks, people just left. There was no noise or people jumping up and down. There were phones and selfie sticks recording the fireworks. But we made our own noise. When I blew one of those party horn things, people looked at me like I was offending them. It was kinda fun.

The crowd control in Singapore is freaking amazing though. I mean, there was a little pushing and shoving on the way to the MRT station, but very minimal. Everything was so organized and unbelievably clean (for New Year’s Eve). It was freaking amazing. I really could live in this country.

So Happy new year everyone! I realize this blog entry was suckier than most. My resolution will be to put an effort to write better. Let’s see how this works.

Thanks for sticking with me this past year, and hopefully for the next few years to come! :D


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  1. E says:

    I was in SG on New Year’s eve but wasn’t able to watchthe fireworks though.

    1. They were pretty great! At least the one in Marina Bay Sans. I heard there were other fireworks going off elsewhere but I could be wrong

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