The last few days of year had me starting off on a other adventure, another chance to explore something new.

Compared to the rest of Southeast Asia, Singapore is hella pricey, but that doesn’t mean that shopping is limited. Oh hell no. You just have to be careful on what you spend. To be honest, the prices are almost the same as the United States.

Despite the prices, Singapore is a pretty interesting country. I arrived on the 28th of December and I’m leaving on the 7th of January, so I’m hoping to explore this tiny city a little bit more. I’m hoping to get some street photography done around here too, so if you have any places to recommend, comment away! Here are some of the places I’ve been to so far:

National Gallery

dsc_0154Now that is an amazing building. It really is. The outside looks very traditional but the inside is full of glass. Their main gallery focuses mainly on Southeast Asian artworks. Also, you only need a ticket if you want to go into the main gallery. Everything else, I think you can go to for free. It’s so cute because they have a Children’s Museum section which is filled with artwork by kids! They also have a place where kids can draw and learn how to art.

Me and my sister got lost a little because we just kept going through random automatic doors. We ended up on a bridgeway thing overlooking the museum, which, again, is hella beautiful. The sun is out, so we also went to the reflecting pools and gardens on the roof. There is a viewpoint there which has a fantastic view of Marina Bay Sans.

ALSO. The gift shop is amazing. It’s a pretty unique gift shop, but they sell interesting things in it, including a stuffed Merlion (which I still regret not buying.)

Haji Lane

THIS PLACE IS MY FAVORITE. It has so much character. So my sister and I walked to Haji dsc_0220Lane from the Bugis MRT station and it’s a pretty doable walk. We could tell that we had arrived at Haji lane because there was a sudden burst of color on all the buildings. This place is completely instagram-able. The buildings are different colors, there are gigantic murals on the walls, the streets are lined with bicycles, and the shops are unique enough from each other. We chilled at this café called Le Kue, where we had their signature drinks (somethign with sherbet on top. Hella good).

Universal Studios

Yes, I know this place isn’t exactly unique to Singapore, BUT I love amusement parks, so humor me here.

So we left a little later than planned going to Universal Studios so we arrived at peak time, around 1pm. Of course, we had already planned out our “priority rides” beforehand, so we knew where we were going (sort of). As soon as we step inside the park, the 6-year-old in me starts jumping for joy. I made a very childlike “WOOOOW” sound (in my head). It was not cool.

Now, when you’re going to an amusement parks, you have to have a certain mindset, which means you have to mentally prepare for crowds and hella long lines. And yet, even though we were mentally prepared.. we still weren’t prepared. It took us two hours to get to ride the “human” coaster of Battle star Galactica, and another hour and fifteen to ride the cylon coaster (both were pretty awesome by the way. Ride both). Come to think of it, we didn’t ride much rides, due to the looooooooong long lines. Then again, the whole design of the place is what attracts you, just as much as the rides. I mean, there were freaking ginormous Anubis statues in there. And on their version of a merry-go-round, you get to ride on top of the animals from Madagascar. Also, JOHN WILLIAMS MUSIC PLAYING EVERYWHERE (or at least in the Jurassic park section).

Tiong Bahru

And lastly, Tiong Bahru. Let me just start off by saying that Tiong Bahru is a neighbourhood and the interesting shops that you would probably want to go to are all scattered. It is not, I repeat NOT, all in one place that you would find right outside the MRT station.

So we got a little lost. Just a little.

But if you don’t want to walk to places, there’s one street there that is a whole row of instagram-worthy hipster places. Yong Siak street is the place to instagram. It holds shops like the ever famous BooksActually, and the oh-so-beautiful-and-absolutely-delicious Plain Vanilla Bakery. Just keep walking and I’m sure you’ll find a number of clipboard-menu cafés like 40Hands or Open Door Policy. Like I said: instagram-worthy.

So those are some of the few places I’ve been since I got here. First impressions include Instagram-able coffee shops (lol also check out Common Man Coffee Roasters. Just sayin’) and “damn this country has a million luxury cars in it” (we saw an actual Mclaren. Jeezus).


I know this post sounds more like a tour guide than my usual ramblings about my life, but I’m like a million days late already, and I couldn’t figure out how to go about things. I’m still here for a few more days, so I’m going to try to keep up with myself.

So as always, I would just like to say, thanks for sticking with me.


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