So I’ve been in Hue for about two days now. First thing I can say is that it’s a hell of a lot quieter than Hanoi. Less people. Less shopping. But it’s pretty cool if you wanna hang out and meet fellow travelers/backpackers, because they seem to be in abundance here. We’re staying at this hostel called Hue Backpackers Hostel, which I highly recommend. People here are über friendly and helpful. Beds are comfortable. The alcohol is good and there are two happy hours. What more do you need?

For the first day, we just chilled at the hostel really. Chill being just an expression because it is so freaking hot in here. We walked around the streets near the hostel only to find out there wasn’t much to see. So we decided to leave the touring for the day after.

After a night of bar-hopping (three bars, four drinks. Wild), we set off the next morning for the Citadel. We walked, and the sun was almost literally beating down our backs. 20 minutes and an annoying cyclo driver later, we made it to the Citadel.

The Citadel is a huge fortress-like thing. It’s actually a lot like Intramuros (fortress-like thing in the Philippines). Inside, there’s the palace of the Emperor of what I think is the Nguyen Dynasty. That thing is huge! You need an entrance fee, but it’s pretty worth it if you’re into that stuff. It’s not for adventure junkies, but it makes for great pictures. Also, history junkies. You can get quite lost in there. We did.

We also went to Emperor Khai Dinh’s tomb. There are two other king’s tombs but we only went to one because of 1. Weather conditions (it’s hot) and 2. Money conditions (we’re saving).

That tomb is really a tomb fit for a king. It’s high (you have to climb some stairs), it’s huge and it’s quite grand. The decorations on the walls, ceilings and pillars are so magnificently ornate. It was amazing. Also, there’s a life-size statue of Khai Dinh sitting on the throne, in all his majestic glory. He view from the top of the tomb isn’t bad either, since it’s kind of in the mountains. 

It’s been a pretty tiring, scorching day, but this adventure is one for the book. The one book that is my life (drama).

Up next: a 20-hour train ride. God help me.

To new experiences everyday.

Thanks for sticking with me.

PS: I may or may not be a million shades darker when I get back. Actually I’m probably already a million shades darker.


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