Train Misadventures

Okay, y’all need to know about what might be one of the most memorable train rides I’ve ever had.

So right, we’re taking the overnight train to Hue. On the way to the station, I double check my sister’s ticket to make sure we’re in the same coach. It seemed like we were UNTIL I actually got on the train, and the police train bro directed me to a different coach. Mild panic sets in.

So I’m in my cabin for about 20 minutes already, thinking about how to communicate with my sister considering that there was no internet. I’m basically on the verge of a breakdown when I re-check my ticket. God knows why I didn’t do this earlier. I realize my ticket is for the trip we’re taking later, from Hue to HCMC. So it turned out, I was together with my sister in the same cabin after all. So I hurriedly get my stuff, making sure I could still move cabins before the train left.

As soon as I meet up with my sister, and we’re all relieved and chill, I realize  that one of my shoes, which were just in the side pockets of my bag, was missing. It must have fallen out in my rush to get out of the cabin. But I was too scared to get out of the train and get it cause I thought I would get left behind. So lol I need new shoes now. I tried to leave the other one behind too, but the security police guy gave it back to me as he was cleaning our bunks…

ALSO. Being the cheap people we are, we chose the cheapest hard sleepers, which were on the third level. Meaning he bunks closest to the ceiling. Can I just say, they don’t exactly leave much space between the bunk and the ceiling. We couldn’t sit up without banging our heads. Thank god we were able to change our seats for the 20-hour train ride we are taking in 2 days.

So yeah. Safe to say, I laughed a lot. But it’s all part of the experience, right?

Thanks for sticking with me!!


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  1. This is what travelling is about.

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