Real Adventure Talk

Our last day in Hanoi (today) was spent walking EVERYWHERE. We walked from the old quarter to the french quarter to a whole different quarter which I don’t remember the name of. The government quarter? Anyway, we walked there. It was basically a last look through of the city before we left. Now the real adventure begins.

This whole time, I’ve been traveling with my family, so it’s been pretty safe so far. By safe, I mean we stayed in a known hotel, got tour guides, ate in restaurants, things like that. But starting tonight, my sister and I are going off on our own. This time, staying in hostels and eating in god knows where.

It’s the first time I’m doing this backpacker thing, and I’m only doing it for the next five days. Easing myself in to the situation. I’m quite excited for this experience. It’s not the first time I’m traveling alone (which if you’ve read my posts long ago, you should know) but it is the first time that my itinerary is a little bit sketchy. But I got this.

For the next 12 hours or so (lord give me strength), I’ll be on a train heading to Hue. If you got any suggestions on food and things to see, let me know. And wish me luck!!

Here’s to the next 12 hours. Thanks for sticking with me.


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