I Like Eating

Can I just say, I love Vietnamese food. I really do. My dad asked me which cuisine I preferred , Malaysian or Vietnamese, and Vietnamese takes the cake, no question. (Sorry Malaysians. Too spicy for my taste)

Everything is so fragrant and filled with flavor and cilantro and all things awesome. Plus, I’m really not a fan of anything spicy, so this is all perfect for me.

THINGS I HAVE EATEN SO FAR (please forgive my complete lack of knowledge of the vietnamese alphabet. Please correct at will.)

  • Bahn my – it’s a sandwhich, which doesn’t sound too special until you try it and you realize how delicious it is. Filled with barbecued pork and ham and cilantro. Bahn My 25 in Hanoi is a great place to get yourself some.
  • Pho – because one cannot go to Vietnam without getting some Pho.
  • Vietnamese Pancake – it is nowhere close to what is probably your normal idea of a pancake. It is this crunchy stuff with like.. Beansprouts and prok and shrimp inside and you roll it in a rice wrapper thing and put some sauce and a million cilantro leaves and then… YOU TAKE A BITE OF THAT DELICIOUSNESS.
  • Egg Coffee – I did not expect to like this because I am not a fan of frothy things. But I like this frothy thing. I’m not entirely sure how they make this stuff, but all you need to know is that it’s sweet, thick, frothy coffee. And it’s really good. I believe we had it at this place called 36 Giang? In Hanoi!

I’m sure I’ve eaten a lot more (huhu fat) but it would literally be too many to mention. And that’s just in Hanoi.

I’m here for a few more days, going through Hue and Ho Chi Minh. If you got any recommendations for me, pass ’em on!

Let us go on a food trip.

Thanks for sticking with me. ;)


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