Ha Long Hey

Gorgeous Ha Long Bay
Gorgeous Ha Long Bay

Ever been to a place that is so absolutely picturesque that it looks exactly like the postcard? Well, Ha Long Bay is one of those places. If you ever get an opportunity to get on a boat and sail across Ha Long Bay, do it. Don’t even think twice.

Well we spent about two days on a junkship on the bay and it was pretty freaking awesome! It was basically a hotel on water. It was cute too, cause they prepared all these activities for guests to do.

First day itinerary included a visit to this fishing village called Cua Van on bamboo boat, steered by fishing ladies. We had a choice between the boats or kayak-ing, but really. In such a peaceful place, who wants to exert energy by kayaking…

That night, after dinner and things, they had this thing called squid fishing, which is pretty self explanatory. Except that until now, I’m still not sure how the squid gets hooked. They don’t put any sort of lure on the hooks. All they have is a light which is supposed to attract the squid. I don’t know how that gets them on the hook, but ANYWAY. They caught two.

DAY TWO ACTIVITIES were probably the most tiring. Mostly because we climbed up 427 steps to get to the top of a mountain overlooking the bay. After panting and wheezing and feeling the burn everywhere, we get to the top and I realize, the climb wasn’t that bad. (Lol). After going up AND down, we get the chance to swim in the bay, which was surprisingly freaking freezing.

A few (hundred) bites of food and a photoshoot later, we were back on dry, not so picturesque land. This whole Ha Long Bay experience was a prettyy darn awesome one. It’s one thing to go off on a rugged adventure, hiking and trekking and exerting effort EVERYWHERE. It’s another to chill and relax and enjoy the view. I believe this falls in the latter. Thanks Dad for the trip.

I’m hoping for more interesting moments, so best believe I got stuff coming. :)

As always, thanks for sticking with me.



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  1. But the rubbish was hard to take, right?
    I live in Sai Gon and make regular trips to the Mekong – the amount of pollution being pumped into Viet Nam’s waterways breaks me.

    Hope you’re enjoying your time here.

  2. Nice post. I like the title!

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