Thrills and solitary adventures.

Yes, yes, yes, I realize now that posts have become a monthly thing. So much so that I have lost a bit of my following (which was probably made up mostly of family. Is that cause for abandonment? Lol no I’m joking kbye…). And even despite my promises that I’ll try posting more frequently and things like that, I guess there hasn’t really been that much to post. The biggest part of an exchange year isn’t really the exciting places you get to visit and things you get to do, but rather, it’s everyday life. Going to school. Eating dinner. Homework. It’s really a lot more normal than you all think. I dunno. I guess only exchange students know what I’m talking about. BUT. That doesn’t mean exciting things don’t happen every now and again. I’ve had a few new experiences over the past weekends. :)


First off, THE WEATHER. Endlich ist Frühling gekommen! It’s been getting warmer, the sun is no longer a distant memory, and winter jackets and snow boots have been tucked in a closet somewhere in the cellar. The kids in my school have taken to sitting down wherever the sun shines. It’s beautiful. There are still cold days here and there, but it doesn’t get so bad. There are rainy days too. But I’d prefer rain to negative degrees any day. Rain here isn’t as bad anyway. So we figured, since the weather is getting better, why not make use of our time. There’s a place I’ve been wanting to go to here in Germany since like October or November. We put the trip off then saying it would probably be better to go when icicles weren’t hanging off our noses. And two weeks ago, IANA’S DREAM CAME TRUE. Anyone wanna guess what it is? :> EUROPA PAAAAAAAAAAAAAARK!!! For those who don’t what it is, Europa Park is the best (or so I’ve heard. Can’t really compare.) amusement park in Germany. It’s freaking huge! And it’s divided into sections like Germany, France, Greece, Italy, etc etc. It was great. Our host mom knew we wanted to go to she kinda had the idea that set everything into motion. Despite being in the same state, Europa Park was too far for a day trip. So what we did was, Stepan had this scholarship party thingy whatever in Stuttgart, so we

Silver Star's highest peak!
Silver Star’s highest peak!

went there, and from there, we took the train to where my host sister lives, because it’s nearer to Europa Park than where I actually live. So we slept there overnight, then the next morning, my host dad came over with the car and drove us to the Park! Oh what an awesome day it was, despite the nonstop rain. Yes, it was raining that day, but not so bad that we were drenched. Not at all. Rain in Germany is like heavy drizzle in the Philippines, really. We frequented the roller coasters (because really, that’s what we were there for) and the first one we rode was the craziest one. It’s called the Silver Star, sponsored by Mercedes Benz. The highest drop ist about 73 meters high, and it travel at a maximum speed of 130 km/h, AAAND, we were in the first row. Holy crap that first drop. Whoa. O_O I love roller coasters, but we went on that coaster 3 times, and every, single time I was so freaking nervous. But it was awesome. \m/ We rode two more coasters after that. A wooden one, which I liked the best, and a blue one which kind of killed you. Well no, not really. But it can give you one heck of a heart attack. Because you don’t go gradually to the top like most coasters. Oh no. On this one, right after you

Food goes down that spiral thing
Food goes down that spiral thing

get seated and secured and everything. It travels slowly to a door, where it makes a full stop. A full stop. Then there are all these alarms blaring and everything, then all at once, it zooms out at breakneck speed. I was not expecting this. And doesn’t slow down ’til the end. It’s also one of those coasters that has more loops and things that turn you upside-down rather than drops. I’m rather boring you with coaster talk, aren’t I? I’ll go on. So we were in the park the whole day, riding and re-riding roller coasters. We also ate in this restaurant where you order from a computer, and then the food gets delivered to you on a sort of… roller-coaster-for-food type thing. At the end of the day, we rode the Silver Star one last time, then headed back my host sister’s house. On our way back home the next day, we passed by this cute little town called Bad Wimpfen. There, there’s a store called Lichdi-Lädle, run by this cute, old man and his wife. And they have like really old things from like, the 50’s. Cash registers, salad dressing dispensers, posters and things like that. It’s cool, and the owners are really nice. When you buy things, they let you do the transactions on the really old cash register. It’s cool. Heheheh I got to do it. :D Something I’ve never done before. :)) Speaking of new experiences, just the weekend after, I had my own solitary adventure. Sometimes, it’s just the way to go. ;) I was determined to go visit Munich. At first, I asked my friends to see if anyone wanted to come along, but no one did. *sniff sniff* Hehe no, they didn’t have time. I only had that weekend, because from now until further notice, my weekends are kind of booked. I

Rathaus, München
Rathaus, München

didn’t have any other chance to go to Munich, so I thought, “Eh, what’s the harm in going alone?” So I went. :) After a three hour train ride, I arrived at München Hauptbahnhof. I didn’t know where to go really, (stupid of me, not doing research before) so, the first place I visited in Munich would be Burger King. Thank god for iPhones and free internet. I was determined to first find out where the Abercrombie & Fitch store was (which, I must admit, was one of my main reasons for going to Munich in the first place.) and then I google-mapped the crap out of it. Of course, Google Maps only works within reach of internet, so as soon as I left that Burger King, I relied on my cunning skills to get me to my destination. After a few twists and turns and a lot of sign reading, I got to the right street, and everything was okay after that. :) After visiting A&F, I kind of just walked aimlessly until I accidentally found a famous tourist spot. Marienplatz. There’s a beautiful building which served as the Rathaus of Munich, I guess. They were also setting up for some sort of concert, and there was some market/festival/whatever thing going on, so there were a few more people than I’ve gotten used to, living in a small town and all. Small towns are great, but one does start to miss the crowds a bit. :) After Marienplatz, I walked a bit more before deciding I needed to actually head somewhere.

Allianz Arena
Allianz Arena

Good thing there was another Burger King nearby. After doing a bit more research and google-mapping, I decided to head to the Englischer Garten. The things about google maps is that, when you go via public transport, it tells you which train to take, but not exactly where to get off. No names. Just “3 stops, 4 stops” blah blah. So naturally, due to my cunning skills and all, I got off at the wrong station. It took me about 10 minuttes of walking around before I realized, okay this is wrong. So what I did was, I gave up looking for the garden and decided to head to the Allianz Arena, home of FC Bayern-München! The arena was easy to find. There’s a picture of a football next to the name of where you’re supposed to get off, so that was no problem really. I head to Allianz Arena, and there is the FCB Megastore. Let me tell you, Bayern is my chosen team in Germany, so I definitely went shopping in the Megastore. :D I’m all set for May 25th! (That’s the finals of the UEFA Champions League, btw) Anybody want a keychain? I got something extra as a gift to any fans out there.. Authentic. :> After the Allianz Arena, I see a map of the railways and things in Munich, and I FIND THE FREAKING GARDENS. The one I was telling

My feet in the English Gardens.
My feet in the English Gardens.

you about. So I finally head there. By about this time, I was poop tired. Once I saw the gardens, I thought it would be a perfect place to sit, chill, contemplate life decisions and all that, and it was. But those gardens are huge. I wanted to get to the middle of the garden, where there was a grassy picnic field type things right next to a lake. I killed my feet getting there, but it was worth it. After the gardens, I didn’t really do much. I found my way back to Marienplatz where I watched a part of the concert being held there. I hung out in the gigantic Apple Store, where I played with all the pretty shiny toys, and then I got on the train which would take me back home. :)The next day, my host mom to Stepan and I to Langenburg, which is a tiny town with a castle and a climbing park, where you literally swing and climb through trees and such. Then we visited an ostrich farm nearby. :) Adventures, solitary or otherwise, are still adventures. I’m here to have as many as I can. Even the so-called everyday, normal life I live here, is an adventure. To live is an awfully big adventure. Thanks for sticking with me y’all. I got something big coming up, so expect another entry real soon. ;) CIMG2003


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  1. bong salazar says:

    from what i remember a zillion years ago, the goulash at the munich train station was pretty good….


    also dude, reply ASAP via email ( — DO YOU WANT TO GO TO SINGAPORE THIS COMING SEM BREAK? I know it’s a while away but SEAT PROMOS COME ON.

    hi. cool story bro.

  3. Tita Jae says:

    Is! What kind of a question is that?! Of course she wants to go to Singapore during sem break! Even if she didn’t, you’d drag her along anyway, right. But… I’m just jealous. Buy me violet crumble.

    Love your story Iansky!!! It was a rollercoaster ride of a tale!

    Miss ya, can’t wait for you to come back. Btw, what do you want for your bday?

    1. Money? Hehhehehehe. More time here? *sniff sniff*
      But seriously.. I don’t know.. :(

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