You Silly Dog.

I can’t believe I won’t be there to say goodbye to you. I can’t believe you won’t be there when I get back. Just last week I was telling my host about you and how I was hoping and praying that you’d stay around just a few more months for me. But I can’t ask you to put yourself through pain just for me.

You’ve just been the best. I know this might not be nice, but even Summer can’t compare to you. You’ve always been sweet and lovable from the very start, 12 years ago. I remember Mom brought you home in a box, and the box couldn’t keep you in once you were inside the car. Even then you were just so excited to meet people.

I remember always hugging you, even when you stinked. You always liked being petted and feeling loved. You’d nudge and lick and do everything just so we’d put our hands on your head. And oh did we love you. You were just so loyal and you loved us back just as much.

I can’t believe I’m not going to be there to give you one last giant hug. I wish I could. I’ll make Manang hug you for me. I hope that whereve you’re going, there are a whole bunch of rocks for you to chew on, and whole bunch of kibble for you to eat, and especially your favorite chair, the one you used to lie under, then lie on when you got too big.

I’m going to miss you. Too much.

I love you, you silly dog.

How to get through Thursday from here……..



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  1. Tita Jae says:

    I’m sure you know by now that your silly dog is alive and kicking… but with only three legs! She’s a tripod now, but alive and happy. I got worried when I read your last entry, was wondering what that was about, then saw a similar entry from your mom on facebook so I texted your dad to ask what was going on. That was the day before Plato was scheduled for you know what. I was depressed all night long. Then when your dad texted the next day that they opted to operate even though it meant amputation, I was too happy for words! He wasn’t sure she would make it through the operation. I told him she would. Told him she had so much to live for… especially… since she knew you were coming home soon.

    Love ya Iansky!

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