Tschüss, bis Morgen, schlaf gut!

So one of my friends left for home  today. I mean like back to his home country, and it’s got me thinking. Which is a really bad thing right now. But I’ll get to that later, because I have a story to tell. :D

So me and my friend were on our way to our friend’s goodbye party. The thing is, the party was supposed to start at 8, and one of my friends had to take a train back at 9. Normally, that wouldn’t be a problem, IF we had different tickets, but we didn’t. We all went on this ticket called a Baden-Württemburg Ticket, which serves up to 5 people through the whole of Baden-Württemburg for one day, therefore, it’s cheaper. So basically, we all had to take the same train going and back. And the earliest that my friend could go was at 5, which puts our arrival at our friend’s house at 6, which gave us about 2 and half hours to party. Wooooo. Normally, there would really be no point  in going, but since it was the last time we were gonna see our friend, we went.

So we took the train from Schwäbisch Hall all the way to Kirchheim Nekar. If you all want to see how exactly we traveled, y’all can go to http://www.bahn.de :D There’s an english option, don’t worry. :P

Anyway, so we’re on the train. Going there, wasn’t that eventful, really. Oh, except for when the four of us (I forgot to mention there were four of us) sat down in a train car where there were a total of 3 other people. So we sit down and start acting our normal selves, you know, talking, laughing, joking, all that jazz, and one by one, the other three people that were there got up and left. There were only four of us, so we weren’t even THAT noisy. They left anyway. Hihihi. We all just kind of looked at each other and sniggered. In case you haven’t guessed it, dear reader, it’s happened to us a few times before. I mean, not a lot, but it’s happened. :D

So we get to our friend’s house, blah blah blah, party party (well not really, it was too early so there were no people) , then finally it came to a point where we had to say goodbye. *sniff sniff* It’s weird saying goodbye to someone you know you won’t see for a really long time, if ever. I mean, what do you say to that? I’m gonna make sure I see all these people again, though. Ei Jonathan, if you’re reading this, we’re backpacking through Europe, ayt? Maybe by then you’ll be speaking perfect German. :P
So anyway, Hugs were exchanged, pictures were taken and goodbyes were said, and at some point, my bag lay forgotten on a couch, and it stayed there until I was out of reach. O_O So we said final goodbyes, (there were a lot) then our friend’s brother drove back to the train station. So we get to the station and we find out that our train is 15 minutes late, so we asked our friend’s brother if he could give us a tour of the town, which he did in fifteen minutes. Yeah, Germans drive hella fast. We get to the station AGAIN and the train is another extra 5 minutes late. By that time we couldn’t do anything about it, so we just waited.

Now, we’re all a bunch of teenagers, so naturally, we forget a lot of things, like the fact that we had connecting trains, with only like 5 minutes to get to each train. And since the first train was 20 minutes late, we kind of missed all the others too. Of course, we only remember this as soon was the first train comes and it’s too late to go anywhere else.

You see, my dear reader, there were two ‘going home’ options that day. One was an earlier train, where we had to change trains like 3 times, having like 5 minutes for each. The other, which went in a different direction, was 40 minutes later, and we only had to change once, having a stop over of another 40 minutes (in Stuttgart though, so it wouldn’t be that bad). I was fully prepared and I knew the schedules of both trains. So since the earlier train was late, and we already missed all our connections, we could’ve taken the later train and there would’ve been no problems. But no. We thought of that by the time we were on the first (20 minute late) train. On the way to Heilbronn. In a different direction.

So my iPhone and I decide to do some damage control. I got internet on my phone and looked for solutions, and I found one. We had to take a train from Heilbronn (where we were currently headed to) to Stuttgart, then run all the way from platform 5 to platform 13 in 4 minutes to make the train taking us (FINALLY!) home. What’s funny is that the train going to Stuttgart went over Kirchheim Nekar, where we just came from, and the connecting train IN Stuttgart is the one to the later train, the once which we should’ve taken in the first place. I’m not sure exactly if you all are still following me, or if you got any of that at all. Hihihi.

And it’s weird, my friend leaving got me thinking. How is it gonna be like when I go home. I know I shouldn’t be thinking about that really, because I don’t think I am anywhere near ready to go home. Plus, I feel like I haven’t done enough here. But still. It kinda makes me wonder what it will be like. Will it be weird being back home? Will it be weird to leave here in the first place?

Just things that have entered my mind. For now, I’ll try to do as much as I can here. You know, when I’m not on the internet. *grin*

Thanks for sticking with me. Especially with this. I think this is the most boring one yet. :)

OH! I forgot to exlain the title, which means “Bye! See you tomorrow! Sleep well!”
It’s something my friend, the one who left, used to say to everybody, no matter who. Even strangers. :D And so, it became a thing for us to say it to everyone too.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. bong salazar says:

    does the title of your entry mean “train routes in Germany”?

    1. No, it means “Bye, see you tomorrow, sleep well”
      I forgot to eplain that. :)) I’ll put that in. :D

  2. aleli says:

    it’s also the most confusing. :P

  3. Tita Jae says:

    So what happened to your bag?

    1. It’s with one of my friends. I still have to figure out how I’m going to get it from her.

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