Yes, yes, I know it’s been awhile. Usually, long intervals between posts mean there’s really nothing especially special going on. But this time, I don’t know. I started writing the last one about the midstay camp we had during the last week of february, but I never got around to finishing it. I’ll give an abbreviated version here.

“cemetery” Find my name. :D

So from the 25th to the 27th of January, we had our mid-stay camp. It worked just the same as the first one, except this time, during the official group-talking things, we had to speak German. Only during the official things. Sonst können wir auf Englisch sprechen.
So yeah, it went pretty much the same way. This time, we weren’t allowed to leave the hostel. They were very particular about that.. *ahem ahem* so we stayed in the hostel. Doesn’t mean we got more sleep though. In fact, I think I slept less this time around than last time. The first night, after everything was done, we all kind of just hang out in on room, talking, card games, singing. Whatever. The second night, We ended a bit earlier. So we were free to do pretty much whatever we wanted cause there weren’t that many people anymore in the hostel. So we played music and dancing. One by one, people started going up to the rooms. A few of us stayed behind and talked about things ’til like 2am. Than a few from that few stayed up a little bit later. Until there were only three of us left, and by that time, we figured it was too late to sleep anyway. So we just spent the rest of the night talking. Than we got this crazy idea at around 7am to hide under blankets in the hallway to scare the people coming out of their rooms. That didn’t last too long, but it was fun. :) So, after a three day, two night camp, I literally only got about 3 hours of sleep. but it was worth it. <3

Now that that’s done… on to faschingsferien.

Fasching in English kind of means carnival. Or something. But not the kind of carnival with rides and games and stuff. It’s the german


kind. With costumes and beer and partying and parades and it’s kind of fun. Granted, I only went to one, but it was fun all the same. So anyway. We had one week of no school because of this. Ferien means holiday. So roughly translated, faschingsferien is carnival holiday. Awesome right? Especially since the faschings only go up til tuesday. And then nothing. :>

I actually spent most of the holiday at home, but it wasn’t a total bore. I went out a few times. *kroo kroo*

I only saw a faschingsumzug (umzug meaning parade) once. And it was kind of interesting. I’ve never seen so many people in onesies in my life. @) It’s kind of like halloween. People dress up in costume, and during the parade, they give out (and throw) candy. The funny ones would grab handfuls of snow and rub it on people’s heads, and by people, I mean me. Some others would carry bags of confetti and sprinkle handfuls onto people’s hair, and by people, I mean me. So yeah, safe to say, it was interesting. :P

Longest freaking foosball table I've seen
Longest freaking foosball table I’ve seen

During the week, I also visited this museum called Experimenta in Heilbronn. I was with my friends, James and Margaret, and Margaret’s host mom. If you’ve ever been to the Science musuem in Riverbanks, Marikina in the Philippines, Experimenta is like that. Except bigger. WAY bigger. Which only means, more stuff to play with. :D It’s about 4 floors of awesomeness. While playing with the bubbles station, James said “I’m pretty sure we’re just a bunch of 5 year olds.” So you can imagine what it was like. Anyone living near Heilbronn, I suggest you check it out. :)

Finally, valentine’s day. And no, I didn’t spend it with anyone special. (Yeah, hi family, I’m talking to you) I spent it with anyoneSSS special. Hehehe. Lol. I spent Valentine’s day with my friends. They’re pretty special, right? Hehehe. And no, we didn’t go out because it was Valentine’s day. We went out because we were bored and a few of us were free and all that jazz. I had to wake up at freaking 6:40 am during vacation though. Mainly because of the bus. If I took a later one, I wouldn’t make it to the train. But I had an hour to spare in Crailsheim, so I brought a book, and ate breakfast in a bakery. Bakeries are always open early. Then I rode the train, met up with my friends on the train (same train, just getting on at different stops). We arrive at Heilbronn and go Ice skatiing. Wheeee. It was fun! Well, fun if you exclude a few jerks who would spray ice on anyone that fell. Fun nevertheless. So anyway. We went ice skating, we ate lunch, we went around for a bit. We made a special excursion to look for an asian store which sold brazilian products. Then we go around some more. We home at around 4. It sounds boring, I know, but really, we had fun. :))

So yeah. You are as of now, dear reader, updated on my life. In two days time, I go back to school.. Meh.. -__- someone help me find

Found another foosball table at a jack jones store. We're addicted.
Found another foosball table at a jack jones store. We’re addicted.

something to look forward to.

Anyway, I know this post isn’t much. I wasn’t in a writing mood, I guess. :D

thanks for sticking with me, anyway. :)


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  1. Dad says:

    Hey, try try try making friends with them yourself. So how did the all German sharing go?

    1. Making friends with who?

  2. bong salazar says:

    Hey – you’re not writing often enough. I thought you were home na!

    1. Amthorryyyy! I’ll try harder. :D

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