Deutschland Eigenarten

That’s supposed to translate into “Germany Quirks”. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Just things I’ve observed, things that confuse me, things that amuse me, things that I find strange. Just… things. I must note that this is from a Filipino’s perspective.

  • Wer means who and wo means where.
  • Nur means only and ohne means without. (It’s like they do it on confuse the english speakers)
  • Then again, hand is Hand, computer is Computer, shampoo is shampoo, conditioner is Pflegespülung. Wat even.
  • When the little red man tells you not to cross the road, YOU LISTEN. Or risk getting glared or even shouted at.
  • If you’re one minute late, you’re late. This mostly applies for public transport. Sometimes you can be late if you’re one minute early.
  • You will find a Bäckerei(bakery) EVERYWHERE.
  • You will also find a Döner place everywhere. (It’s food. I can’t translate it. It’s also Turkish, but very popular in Germany)
  • You can find almost everything in Müller. It’s a store. With almost everything. I love it.
  • Germans love their Kuchen(cake). I love their Kuchen too.
  • Germans also love their Brot(bread)
  • And because they love their Brot, you can find all these sandwich-ready fix-ins at the supermarket.
  • Piercings are a common sight here.
  • When you say notebook, Germans will understand it as a laptop. Not a compilation of papers that you can take notes on. See, I didn’t know this before I said it.
  • You’ll be hard pressed to find still water in a restaurant. Always remember that mineral water here is carbonated.
  • Dogs here are freakishly well-behaved. Saying that they’re trained well would be an understatement. And this is why they’re allowed in stores and stuff.
  • I’ve yet to see any strays. I do not believe they exist here. O_O
  • Beggars on the streets…don’t look like beggars.. At least not like the ones I’ve seen.
  • I love street performers. Stuttgart has loads, and they’re awesome.
  • Stores sometimes have products outside the store. On racks. Unchained. O_O If we were in the Philippines, those things would be stolen…
  • Stores leave the lights in display windows open, even when the store is closed. Tricking you into thinking they’re open… -__-
  • Die Apotheken(pharmacies) give out these packs of tissues whenever you buy something. Very handy.
  • A Vanille-Berliner is very good. It’s like a donut..but not.
  • Some stoplights only have the yellow and red light. It’s not broken. That’s just how it is.
  • All windows have the option of only opening the top. You turn the handle up, and only the top will open. I thought I broke the damn thing the first time this happened to me.
  • Germans recycle. Every home. Every school. Recycle. They’re doing it right yo.
  • Germans dub or translate everything. All books are in German. All movies are in German. Subtitles are not an option.
  • There’s this thing called GEMA which stops me from watching official music videos. Specifically Jason Mraz’s new music video. slkdhcnlaflflhjvlkdlad sfefbiudbg du
  • 60-80 would be the minimum speed that Germans drive. I’ve already experienced 180. Freaked out just a bit.
  • A lot of Volkswagens. But surprisingly not so many VW Beetles. Expected to see more, really. :))
  • You need to blow your nose, you go ahead and do it. At the dinner table, macht nichts! While having a conversation, macht nichts!
  • Macht nichts means something like “doesn’t matter” btw.
  • This isn’t really for Germans. But Spanish, and spanish-speaking people (the ones I’ve met anyway) aren’t aware of the huge Spanish influence in Filipino culture. It’s weird, how we’re kind of just like a footnote in their history and they still exist in our everything. O_O Loool. Aaaaaaaaanyway…

So… that’s a lot. I’m sure that list will grow in time.

’til then… tschüss!
Danke, dass du da bleibst!*

*that’s supposed to be “thanks for sticking around”. Someone correct my German please*


4 Comments Add yours

  1. bong salazar says:

    Hahahahaha! Stranger in a strange land!

    miss you


  2. koikoy12 says:

    Bread, cake, and VWs?!?! oh ehm i think im falling in love =))) ♥

  3. koikoy12 says:

    with that said, i miss you, yabs :(

  4. tita ling says:

    tschüss!….. chos?! :) missing you, ianski!

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