Negative Degrees and Other Things

Hey y’all what’s up. I’m currently watching The Avengers with Stepan and all he can think about is that the plane that The Hulk just destroyed is really expensive. He’s wondering why the laws of physics are not applying to Thor.

At the Christmas Museum

Anyhoo, so this past week, I’ve been hearing about how the weather forecast for the weekend would be cold and snowing and all that. So my host mom and sister took me shopping for a winter coat last Monday, and we  successful. \:D/ H&M, 40 euros. Wondering why it’s cheap? Because it came from the kids’ section. Biggest size. B-) I can fit into a small, an extra small AND 170 IN THE KIDS SECTION HOHOHO. So I know have a winter coat that didn’t cost too much. :D Woooo! And I bought it just in time. The temperature started dropping this week. It was -3 this morning, and it hit -11 the other night.

So this week, we had a visitor in the house. My family was a hostfamily last year too, and the student they had last year, from Finland, came for a visit, and stayed for two nights or so. Woo. :D So the day after he arrived, we had nothing to do in the afternoon, so we decided to go sightseeing in Rothenburg. Rothenburg, apparently, was a film location for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. When we got there, I thought it could be Godric’s Hollow or some village scene. But no. When I researched it, they filmed Gregorovitch’s House in Rothenburg. I do not remember this at all. O_O But anyhoo. It’s a very picturesque city. Cobblestones all around and old buildings and things like that. There’s even a freaking Christmas museum there and in the museum, it’s Christmas, all day everyday for the whole year. All the ornaments you could wish for. Nutcrackers in all sizes. And also, all the really creepy dolls you could wish for. The kind that look like they could come alive at night. And they’re all on one shelf, just staring at you… O_O

One nightmare later…. Lol I’m kidding. But I really don’t like those dolls…

Anyhoo. The next day, I wake up and it’s freaking snowing outside. SNOW! But the sky looked too depressing and grey that I didn’t take

Too lazy to rotate. AFS found in Stuttgart!

much pictures. But still… SNOW! My first snow! Waaaaaaaaaaaaah! Hihi. Anyhoo. The day it started snowing was the day me and Stepan went off to Stuttgart with a few AFS friends. That was a freaking adventure. First we all met up at Hauptbahnhof, took pictures at Schlossplatz and then explored Königstraβe, which is the street where all the shops are. We ate really oily all-you-can-eat chinese food. Went into Hollister and stared at them models (at least I did). Then after all was said and done, we still had a lot of time and nothing to do. So my friend goes “Let’s get lost.” So what we do is we hop on the next train on the U-Bahn. We really just went down to the platform, saw a train coming and decided “Okay let’s get on this one.” On the train, we decided to go to the Mercedes Benz museum. Good thing they had detailed maps of the different U-Bahn lines or we’d be dead, because the train we were currently on did not stop at the Mercedes Benz Museum. It was really just a random train.

So we figure out the way using the maps. The train that went directly to the Museum wasn’t running I think. So we get to the nearest stop. A whole mess of things happened, including döners and walking in the rain/snow for almost an hour. It was all great fun! :> And we ended up finding the museum in the end anyway, so the wrong turns don’t matter. :)) And the wrong turns took us to an AFS sign spray painted on the side-walk. :> Of course, by the time we got to the museum, the ticket-cashier was closed, so we could only explore the outside exhibit and the dealership part.


After the museum, we made our way back to the main part of Stuttgart. When we got off the train, we find all these zombies everywhere. I’m not even exaggerating. There was a zombie walk in Stuttgart, but since it was raining, they all converged in the train station. All these people with fake blood running down their everything, and gaping wounds that looked so dang realistic that I actually gagged when I saw one. It was cool. At first we didn’t know why all these zombies were there, so I went around saying “Who speaks english, I wanna know what’s happening!” hoping someone would hear me. HEHE. A girl actually came up to us (looking like a zombie and all) and told us what was happening. Anyhoo. After all that excitement. We were winding down and stuff. Soon enough[p], we went home. It was honestly an awesome day, including all the twists and turns. :D

The day after that, me, Stepan, our host sister and Jonathan, an AFS friend, went swimming in the schwimmbad in Schwabisch Hall. It was almost like a tiny Water Park. There was one, big, olympic-sized (I think) pool, one outside heated pool, two waterslides, one kiddy pool, a big jacuzzi, and another heated pool indoors. Those were just the ones that were open. There were more outside, but they were closed because of the weather and stuff. The water slide there has got to be one of the coolest water slides I’ve been on. It’s like freaking Space Mountain for water slides. There are lights inside and changing colors and things. Crap. O__________O

So yeah, this weekend was pretty busy. I still have a few things coming up. :)

Tomorrow ’til friday, I’m going with my family on holiday, sightseeing and all those things. And then we have 2 AFS activities coming up do far, this November. So. Wooo!

And if y’all are wondering how it’s going with my German, I’d say it’s going pretty well. My family keeps on telling me that I can speak pretty well, having only been here for 7 weeks. I understand more than I can speak though. And most of what I learned, I learned out of my German course, lol. Not that I’m saying that my German course is useless.

Anyhoo. I promise to put pictures on this soon. It looks too plain without, doesn’t it?

Hihi. Okay. Ich bin fertig.

Thanks for sticking with me y’all. :)


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Tita Lexi says:

    Yes, pictures, definitely. Glad you’re having such an adventure in Germany and learning a new language.Keep the posts coming!

  2. bong salazar says:

    hey iansky – i’m sitting on the veranda at the beach house iroxas while reading this. Sky is blue, the sun is hot, sea is warm, and this afternoon we are going to have 15 kids running around for a trick or treat party (thinly disguised as tita ling’s bday), so i cant relate to negative temperatures, so have fun na lang.

    have fun w/ the zombies – we are dining with aswangs.



  3. iyamerilles says:

    Lucky Iana gets to go on adventures, meanwhile I am stuck studying. Wooh!! So glad that you’re having fun. More more more pictures please. Hihi :) Love you mwah x

  4. tita ling says:

    hey ianski, keep on writing, I enjoy reading your posts! post pics of the zombies, too. missing you!

    tita ling :)

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