Stepan’s pizza

Sorry, haven’t been updating much. :D

So so far, I have started my Deutschkurs. Which is my German course, if you haven’t already figured it out. So far it’s been okay. I mean, I’m actually doing things, not just doodling on every surface. So far the topic we’re covering, I already know. Like introducing your self and whatnot. But it’s only been a week.

Last weekend was our first weekend alone. Our host parents went on some camp thing, so me and Stepan were left to fend for ourselves. Lol, we did alright, food wise. We had lunch with that Filipino lady I met at a cafe. Actually. We kind of invited ourselves to her house. We were thinking of what to do on Saturday. We were supposed to go to the birthday party of our AFS friend, but he lived kinda far away, and the weekend means no buses. So we were stuck at home. I got the idea of calling the Filipino lady, since she told me to come around her house sometime. So we got out our host Mom’s magical everything phonebook, looked up the Filipino lady’s last name (which, along with her address, is the only thing she told me) and just called. And so we ended up eating lunch at her house the next day. :)) She served us fried fish and some sort of nilaga. Hell yeah. Filipino food. B-) On the way back, Stepan said Filipino kind of sounds Malaysian/Indonesian. Overall he said it sound Asian. Which I think is good.

Sunday was chores day. We cleaned the bathroom and then I vacuumed the whole house while Stepan went and made Pizza. Woo chores woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Oh! And in my last week of regular school, I went with my class to Groninger, which is a building company thing here. We went and

Gorgeous Heidelberg

made a ventilator which is a tiny electric fan. Woo. We worked with gigantic machines and things.

And then we had an AFS stammtisch which until now I still don’t know what it is in English. Anyhoo. It’s like a meeting thing where AFS people, the exchange students, host families, AFS alumni, future AFSers and people like that, get together and then there’s like a program where past AFSers talk about their experiences and current AFSers (like me) talk about how it’s like back in their countries. It’s all very organized. Like they assign ahead of time who’s gonna talk and stuff. But after all the talking, we basically do whatever we want. I love my committee. They’re all awesome people.

And then this weekend, Maria, a former host parent, took me, Stepan and our friend, Itziar, to Heidelberg and Sindsheim! I love Heidelberg, I really do. So gorgeous kjsbkjabdkjabdkbfkj. Even with all the tourists and things. I even bought a German bear. It’s wearing lederhosen. Hihi. :D We went up to Heidelberg Castle, which is still pretty, even if it’s in ruins. And the view from up there is great! And then we went to Wilhelmsfeld, the next town, because there’s a Jose Rizal Park there. So we were there for like 5 minutes to take pictures with Jose Rizal, and then we were off the the Sinsheim museum.


The Sinsheim museum is a musuem about all these modes of transportation. So there are planes, cars, tanks, tractors, bikes, motorcycles. Everything. And you can even go inside the planes and things. I think the highlight of my visit to the musuem was the long, gigantic slide from a plane, up on the roof of the museum all the way down to the bottom floor. That was epic. :>

That day, we got home around 8:30pm maybe? Then our host dad made a fire outside, in the garden, and we all sat down and baked bread. :> Yeah, not kidding. Hana made like bread dough. Then you stick in on like big sticks and you bake them, being careful not to burn it. So that was cool. Then we ate the bread, telling stories and talking and stuff, and then we watched the stars. Have I mentioned how awesome the night sky is here? The stars here are so clear at night. I’ve seen 10 shooting stars so far. Yes, I counted. :D I really need to figure out how to take pictures of them before it gets too cold.

And now that you’re up to date with my life…

What’s up with yooouuuu?? :>

Oh, and thanks for sticking with me. ;)


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  1. bong salazar says:

    Get the recipe for the baked bread so next time we’re in Baguio, we can stick something else into the fire aside from marshmallows.

    How do you say “we miss you” in German?

    1. “Wir vermissen dich”
      Und ich vermissen euch auch. :(

  2. matti salazar says:

    teach them also how to play rev charades

    1. Teach who? Kinda hard when their knowledge of english is limited.

  3. matti salazar says:

    Next time, try spreading that ketchup bbq sauce on the bread before baking it, like in Roxas.
    We miss you Ianapot. What did that second line mean?

    1. And I miss you too. :))

  4. matti salazar says:

    Oh sorry, that was from me – Tita Bib

  5. Carmel B. DAel says:

    You seem to be enjoying your stay away from home, Ianski. Karana will be home this Christmas and you won’t be here to meet your cousin. Tita Rima and Tito Bubba are, of course, coming, too. Gudnacht. Hugs and love, Wawa

  6. Tita Honey says:

    WOW! Iana, you have been busy. I can see so much of your mom (and Mamang) in you. I really enjoyed your blogpost & I am so happy for you! Enjoy your trips & experiences out there! Take good care & God bless!

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