I haven’t had a full week of school yet. Things happen and I always miss at least one day of class. I don’t have class tomorrow because it’s a feiertag which is a holiday. German Unity Day. Wooooooo.


Vacuumed my room for the first time a few days ago. It was fun. Hihi. I have a lot of mini carpets in my room and they were problems, because they were sorta dusty, so I needed to vacuum them, but of course, the vacuum kept sucking them up. So I had to stand on them while vacuuming. :| now I’m contemplating getting the tiny vacuum for my bed. And my laptop.. What the heck are all these fibre hings that are sticking to my laptop…

First partaay. It was my host mom’s birthday last Friday, so we had a party in the gemeindehaus which is like a community hall..or something like that. Stepan and I picked flowers for her, our host dad’s idea. Germans apparently are very trusting with the things they sell, because we got flowers at a flower field. And it’s just a field, with a sign at the front with a list of prices for each flower and a bunch of knives hanging from a post. Nothing and no one else. There’s a little box with a coin slot in it. No sign of anyone tending to the field. That was weird for me. How the heck do they make sure that people pay?! Well, anyway. It was a good way to get rid of all my coins. I gave it all. Don’t care if I payed more than what we owed.

Now, the actual party was okay. Better than I expected. of course, most were adults, so Stepan and I just kinda hung out in the kitchen when the guests were arriving and mingling and stuff. Had half a glass of champagne mixed with orange juice. I’m grown-up yo. Then we went to play games with a few people who were more or less our age. I had already taught two of them how to play Slap Jack so they told the others, and we played Slap Jack until dinner. :D

Food was freaking fantastic. Think hotel breakfast buffet. All the dried meats and cheeses and freaking smoked salmon. A whole bunch of different salads. Plus these tomatoe/mozarella/basil pesto/balsamic vinegar salad things in tiny glass cups. And then dessert was great too. Cinnamon plum cake. Something with layers of cherries, whipped cream and chocolate flakes. A fruit salad thing. And there was a tiramisu type thing but I didn’t try that. But great food. Seriously. I miss the food. I actually miss the food.

Oh yeah. My host dad asked me and Stepan to perform. He played a piece on the piano. And I sang Let It Be while playing it on the piano in front of a whole bunch of non-english speaking strangers. Nothing to be nervous about yeah? No. Lol I forgot a line, even though I only sang like the first two verses. :D Oh. The yodeling pastor performed too! He played Amazing Grace on the french horn. He’s now the yodeling pastor who can also play the french horn.

We played some more games after that. Board games. At around 12mn, we, Stepan and I, rejoin the adults only to find out they’re all gone. So we help clean up. Well, we eat some of the left overs first. Then we help clean up. Got home around 1am or so. We were supposed to go to Stuttgart the next day but we were too tired and decided to stay home.

My host mom’s friend and her son stayed overnight, and while she and Hanna were bonding, Stepan and I took care of her son. Well Stepan mostly, really, because the boy couldn’t speak English, but he talked to me anyway. They made me watch Cars 2 with them. And that would be the first time I watched a whole movie dubbed in German. With English Subtitles. Then me, Stepan, Hanna, Hanna’s friend, and Corbi (Hanna’s friend’s son) played a bunch of games in the field. Normal games, involving running to trees and falling down and getting eaten by sharks and stuff. You know. Normal.

First time going for a walk with my host dad and the dog, Loni, the other day. This dog amazes me. She’s so well trained. And she freaking knew where we were going. She didn’t have a leash or whatever. She just knew the way. Freaking incredible. And yes. The dog only understands German.

And I missed the bus monday. Not the first time though. :| I went inside the store to buy shampoo and conditioner and I was already rushing because I knew the bus was coming soon. But first I panicked because I though that all they had were the tiny ones. Then I found out that there’s a second floor. I find the shampoo. And I realize I don’t know what conditioner is in German. So I panic a second time. It’s a long word that’s no where near conditioner. I finally have everything I need and I go down to pay and see a long line at the cash register. I panic a third time. And then at last, the cashier’s giving the girl in front of me her receipt. As this is happening, I see my bus come. I panic a fourth time. It goes just as I pay, and I stop panicking and say “Oh well.” I go buy something in NewYorker to make myself feel better. And then go get something to eat in the bakery.

However, back to the theme of firsts, I lost something for the first time in Germany. I LOST MY BEANIE. :(( I’m still hoping it’s somewhere in the house, because I don’t remember where I left it. :((

Things to note (only have one, sorry)

  • 13 degrees celcius is nothing to complain about apparently. Well 13 degrees had me wearing gloves. So there.

Oh. And a friend of our hosting coordinator in AFS is Filipino, and our hosting coordinator told her to contact me, and she called today. She said she has a lot of Filipina friends and there are times when they get together and talk and eat and stuff and they eat filipino food. Omg. Like danggit and rice and stuff. Holy crap. I want. But she lives all the way in Schwäbisch Hall. That’s kinda far for me to go to regularly. :(

Anyhoo. That’s about it. Sorry I don’t have pictures to keep things interesting. I’m too lazy to plug my phone into my laptop right now. So excited for out Late-Orientation Camp this weekend! Three days of awesomeness! Can’t wait!

I’m done now.

Thanks for sticking with me y’all. :)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. bong salazar says:

    so you’ve found a german yodelling pastor who plays the french horn! amazing grace on the french horn? doesnt sound like my kind of music.

    keep the blogs going, they’re fun to read. matti follows them as well although i dont know if he leaves comments.

    love t.bong

    ps fibre things clinging to your computer (and other thingys is called lint (like the chocolate, although the chocolate is spelled lindt (i think)).

  2. Dad says:

    Hey Eeyana – am following your blog now wooohooo (mom just taught me how to do it so i read everything all at once – whew).

    Am now eagerly anticipating your blog for your was-looking-forward-to-it-forever-weekend.

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