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Exchange Student

Hallo all.

So A few stuff has happened since my last post. First off, I’ve been here for about 19 days. Holy crap. That’s almost three weeks. O_O I’ve had a few adventures so far.

My first whole day in school was the longest day ever. Whole meaning from 7:45 ’til 5. Looong day. Especially since my last 4 subjects were math, chemistry, politics, and physics. Wat even. :| I have officially given up trying to understand things in school. And it’s all good because the teachers know I don’t understand anything coming out of their mouths and so they basically leave me alone. I’m an exchange student therefore I am special. I get perks. :D

I borrowed my friend’s English textbook because it has an English-German dictionary in the back, so that’s what I read during most classes, though nothing ever sticks. English class is boring too. The teacher’s this frail old lady and their vocab is nothing difficult. My German teacher is cool though. He approves of me reading the English text book during his class. Most teachers just ignore me. The good news is, my host mom got me out of all afternoon classes until I know more

Beautiful Dinkelsbühl

German. Which means until I come back from language school. Some time mid-November maybe.

On to sightseeing. My host mom took me and my brother sightseeing last Sunday. We visited this cute town called Dinkelsbühl. It looked like a town from the olden days. It had cobblestone streets and the buildings looked like they were from a different time. You’d expect a sign that said Ye Olde Something. We climber the church tower, which had like a never-ending spiral staircase, and the view from up there was great. You could see the whole town. Then we went inside the actual church, which was gorgeous. Then we walked around the town aimlessly. Then we got some gelatto. :D

Rapunzel’s tower

On tuesday, I was excused from school. Let me explain why. My school has this exchange program for 10 days with a school in Poland. So like 30 German students go there and about 30 Polish students go here. My one and only friend in class was hosting a Polish girl. Now the school plans trips for the Polish students and their hosts, which would be my one and only friend. And so, her being my one and only friend, I got to go with them. :D Wooo. We went to the Ludwigsburg palace, which was ultimately boring really. Gigantic and grand, sure. But still boring. Probably partly because I went with the German tour. The gardens, however, are great. There’s like a fairytale garden where Rapunzel’s tower is, and there was a kürbisfest (pumpkin fest) so there were all these sculptures made out of pumpkins and stuff. I even bought kürbiskerne which are pumpkin seeds. Then we went to Schwäbisch Hall where I went shopping for the first time in Germany. Hell yeah H&M. :d Just bought a shirt though. Then I bought a bunch of things I needed for school. All in all, tuesday was a tiring day, but awesome day. :)

Officially started dance classes yesterday. By officially, I mean I got a membership card thing and I payed for it and stuff. And I met this guy, a friend of my one and only friend, who has a Filipino aunt working in Dubai and he says to me “I know some Filipino words.” So I asked him what words he knew and he goes “I know bakla.” and then he starts laughing his head off.

Speaking of paying. I hate change. Especially since I’m not all that familiar yet with the coins. It helps that the numbers written on them are big. But my wallet is getting heavy with coins. O_O

And then tomorrow, I have no class again! Woo! Because there’s another trip for the Polish students and stuff, but I’m not going on that trip so I’m allowed to stay home. Hells yeah.

Today was an adventure too. Mostly because I missed my bus and the next one wouldn’t come for three hours. So I walked around town, going in and out of shops. Finally ended up at a bakery to eat. I sat down and started to read on of the books I brought with me, when I noticed how this woman at the table next me spoke German. She didn’t sound like a German. Didn’t look like a German. I listened  some more, and whaddya know, she had a Filipino accent. O_O I kept looking at them, so the lady noticed me, and my book which was in English, and asked me “English speaker?” and I nodded and asked her “Pilipino po ba kayo?” She stared at me for a bit so I thought I was mistaken, but then she suddenly goes “Ay diyos ko po nagtatagalog pala ito e. Napansin ko libro mo e, english. Paano ka napunta dito?” Lol awesooooomeeee! Finally got to talk to someone in tagalog. She started telling me her life story and it turns out, she leaves near me, so she told me to come by her house some time. Cool.

Oh. And milestone! That was the first time I bought something from a bakery by myself. I pointed to what I wanted and said Ja or shook my head to whatever she was saying to me. Ended pretty well. Got a gigantic piece of bread with melted cheese on it and sprite. Awyeah.

Things to note:

  • 60 euros for boots is cheap. Saw an awesome pair of boots in a window. Cost about 150. Ew.
  • The reason why Germans eat bread often is because their bread is goooood.
  • I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t drink the bubbly drinks.
  • Cars actually go to the side and stop completely when they here the siren of an ambulance or a police car. They stop. COMPLETELY STOP. Definitely not in the Philippines anymore
  • The teachers don’t actually collect homework. They check if you have it, and then write down your name if you don’t. But they don’t collect it.
  • If your teacher’s not there, you don’t have class.
  • Germans are crazy drivers.
  • Shopping is all about trust. They trust that you won’t steal anything and therefore will let you go into a dressing room with a gigantic backpack. They also probably trust their anti-theft alarm things.
  • Most of the Germans I’ve met don’t know what the language is in the Philippines. Philippinish? One time, one of my classmates went up to me and asked “Am I saying it right? Ni hao?” O_O

Oh. And this has nothing to do with my trip, but please pray for the eternal rest of my granduncle, who passed away this week. Condolences to my titas. Sorry I couldn’t be there. Hope you all are doing okay. :(

Thanks for staying with me y’all.


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  1. koikoy12 says:

    Aww this is a cute post :)) I’m glad you’re having good days :D >:D:)<

  2. iyamerilles says:

    I like the doodles. :D Where are the photos with you in them? Haha Have fuuuuun >:D<

  3. Aleli Salazar says:

    I like the milestones and the things to note part of your blogs, Iansky. :D They’re funny.

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