Volksfest und Survival

So the past two days have been filled with all kinds of things. Our class got to go home early because we didn’t have NWT, which until now, I’m not sure what it is. They call it praktikum too, so it’s like… lab work. So we go home early. And then I had lunch at home, which Stepan and Frieder (my host father) cooked. Then after lunch, my host mom writes like a vocabulary list for me to study. Nothing complicated. Simple words like kartoffel (potato), blume (flower), and sonne (sun). Then after that, she showed us how to clean the house, which we were to do every Sunday, and made up our schedule of clearing the dishwasher. Mmmm, fun.

Then we ran errands. We bought bread in what is apparently the oldest shop in Satteldorf, and then went to the rathaus, which is kind of like a city hall thing. The highlight was the fact that we biked to get to places. Freaking biked. And Germany is not flat. I died doing all the uphill-y things. O_O And I’m pretty sure my butt’s still sore.


Then for dinner, a pastor came over. A pastor with a big voice and big laugh. Oh, and he’s a yodelling pastor. Whoa. :)) Then after dinner, me, Hanna and Stepan kind of wasted the time talking about Hanna’s past guest student experiences, and Hanna also really wanted to see what Manila looked like. So I showed them all these things from the Philippines. Stepan now has some sort of fascination with balut. And Hanna searched the Philippines on Wikipedia, so she now knows a whole bunch of things that even I don’t know.

That night, at around 10 pm. Me and Stepan went to the Volksfest with Anna-Lena, a family friend. Volksfest is annual carnival type thing where there a bunch of rides and whole bunch of beer and like hundreds of drunk people. So we went to that. I rode like one ride, and it was enough. All the rides have to do with spinning, so one ride and I was done. We also rode the Ferris wheel and after that, I bought Asian food. No joke, there was actually a sign that said “Asian Food”, which ended to be a disappointment because it was too spicy for me.

Next day was Survival camp in AFS. Freaking fun. I love my committee. We’re made up of 11 people from different countries, and like 11 or so more people from Germany who went to different countries. I’m still one of the very few people who isn’t going to Deutsch school, which is kinda frustrating. I’m literally counting down the days ‘til October 15. I have it on paper. What’s awesome is that I actually know more German than like, 2 people there. Soo. Whoo!

So we, me and my committee, spent the night singing and looking for tongue twisters in different languages, pillow-fighting and stuff. I

Schwabisch Hall

tried to teach them how to say nakakapagpabagabag. They’re an awesome group of people. We all got along really well.

So there it is. My first weekend in Germany. Ack. I still think school sucks, because I hate not understanding anything. I hate being called by the teacher and feeling stupid. I’m sure I’m going to hate the day they finally give us homework. I really just want to start going to language classes. If it wasn’t for my 2, count’em, 2, sort of friends, I wouldn’t know how to stay sane. 28 days. Only 28 more days. *sigh*

Things to know:

  • The handwriting of most Germans is illegible. Which sucks for the student who can’t understand German.
  • Their meals can be just bread and like, a whole bunch of different toppings.
  • What they use as a summer blanket is kinda thick. Which also kinda gives you an idea of how cold it is here.
  • No A/C in the car. They don’t need it anyway. But when the day is hot, and all you have is a heater…
  • They use these fountain pen things in school.
  • Raise one finger, instead of one hand, when you want to ask the teacher a question, or when you want to answer a question.
  • Their sockets are the round ones.
  • For notebooks, in school, they use those notebooks for math. The one with the squares.
  • Stabilo pens are annoyingly expensive here. For the smallest pack. Wth.

One Comment Add yours

  1. bong salazar says:

    Good to know that you have a blog, specially since i don’t have facebook yet. I got the address yesterday from tita jae and i’ll give it to tita bib and the boys. i’m very sure they will want to know how their manang is doing.

    Sad to hear about the language hitch and the problems its causing, hope it resolves in time, and without too much pain.

    Post more. This entry was on the 17th and a whole week has gone by already. Do you have facetime? I’m going to try to load it on my mac and maybe we can speak then…

    till then take good care of yourself.

    much love

    tito bong

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