Hallo Deutschland!


Sorry, I haven’t been updating as much. It’s been kind of hectic, and I’m scared that I’m going to take too long on the internet if I post.

So since it’s been like 3 days since I got here, and my last post I think was way before I left, this might take a while to read. :D

So let’s start with the leaving. Cried like a baby at my despedida. And then Mom, Dad and Manang brought me to the airport on the morning of the 8th. Cried then too. Not like a baby, but a lot. Then starts my “adventure” alone. *cue in scary music*

So Dad already paid the porter, and then the porter left so quickly that I couldn’t tip him. So I’m in line at the check-in counter feeling scared that my baggage would be overweight and stuff, but no problems there. Headed on to get in line at immigrations. There’s actually a sign there that says “NAIA IS A NO WANG-WANG ZONE. PLEASE FALL IN LINE TO AVOID EMBARASSMENT”. I don’t get it. What does falling in line have to do with wang-wang? Then this bro in front of me, American, asked one of the NAIA worker people what a wang-wang is (imaging saying wang-wang with an American accent. Kinda funny.) and she was like “Like in da ambulance like weeoohhweeohh”, so I go on and help her out saying “It’s a siren.” Lol. K. I have a picture of the sign, but it’s on my phone and right now, I don’t know if I can upload on this laptop. Anyhoo. Back to immigrations. So family called while I was in line and mom was all “Okay you have to be charming and nice and all to the immigrations officer” and I did just that. I smiled, I said “po” and “opo” and answered all of her questions nicely, But you can be as charming as you want to those people, they will still frown at you like you did something wrong.

So after that, it was all good. Had a heavy backpack and a heavy carry-on, and it was a long walk to the gate, so I was huffing and puffing by the time I got to the gate.  I liked the security people at gate though. They were very nice and friendly. :D So after a few minutes, I boarded the plane to Singapore. It wasn’t a bad flight. I’m not sure what constitutes as a good flight so I don’t know what to answer when people ask me “How was your flight?” Food was.. eh. Watched part of the Avengers. I don’t remember what I did for the rest of the flight.

Now, landing at the Singapore Changi airport. So I get off the plane, and I get bug-eyed because the Singapore airport is HUGE. And I go all excited because I had to ride the Skytrain to get to my terminal. Hihihi. And so I get on the train, I head to my terminal and start looking for my gate. Like I said, the airport is huge, so it took a while. About a third of the way, I give up carrying everything and get a cart, which are cool because they run so smoothly. I almost tipped over mine because I tried to ride it because I wanted to go faster. Heehee. :D So yeah. I start looking for my gate, which was B2. There are signs everywhere, and I was grumbling the whole time while looking because there actually were signs that said “B1-B10 up to 9 minutes walk.”, which might have been an exaggeration but dang, it’s big enough to have those signs.

So I finally find my gate, and much to my delight, it’s right beside an internet hotspot woooo! :D So I’m internetting, mom called on viber, I’m twitter-ing like everything. And then suddenly, THE FREAKING PHILIPPINE AZKALS WALK BY. And I’m on ultimate fan-girl mode. But shy fan-girl mode because I didn’t get the courage to walk up to them and ask for pictures.

Anyhoo. After that random, internal frenzy, I finally go to my gate (only after making sure no more azkals were coming) and wait. Soon enough we board the plane and everything is fine and dandy. To be honest, I cried a few times on the plane. Whoo, drama. :)) Food was great. I slept, but not enough for 12 hours to go by faster. Watched the Avengers, and Hunger Games. I read, and I tried to watch Friends by I think my laptop was too big, and I’m pretty sure the lady sitting in front of me was getting annoyed.

Finally, we land in Frankfurt, and my heart starts beating faster because I realize that this was the official start of my 9 months here. I go through immigration, which scares me all the time, because I don’t know what questions to expect. In fact, the lady in front of me had some trouble, so I had to switch lines. Which was good because the bro who I went to just stamped my card and let me through. Then I go through the almost heart attack of thinking that my luggage didn’t make it. When I finally have everything, I walk out and I see nothing out of the ordinary, no teenagers wearing the same shirts or whatever. Then suddenly this bro comes up to and smiles and says “Hi!”.. and I’m like… wat. So I smile. Then I finally see his shirt which says “AFS-Betreuer. Follow me!” So… okay then. Then we wait for a bunch of Russians, some of whom I sort of made friends with, and got on a bus with two kids from Peru. Apparently, since the flight arrived late at night, we were to sleep in a youth hostel and take a train early the next morning. By this time, I had been exposed to every other language except German; Russian, Dutch, and a whole bunch of Spanish from like all the countries in Latin America. This one girl, Emi from Peru, said my name sounds very Spanish.

So there. Then the next morning, we drove by bus to the train station, and then rode the train for about two hours to Nurnberg station, where my family picked me up. At first I was worried, because no one was there when I got off, then my father, who  I didn’t remember what he looked like, and Stepan, by guest brother, who I didn’t remember what he looked like either, come over and hug me (in my head I’m going “OHHHH”). Then we rush over to another train track and take the train for another hour or so, and get off at Schnelldorf. From there, we drive, finally, to Satteldorf, which is just about 4km away. So yeah. All da traveling. O_O

And so now, I’m here. In Deutschland. Wooooo. I shall tell you more, my dear reader, in another post, because I fear this post is getting too long.



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