5 day mark!

So I’ve been here 5 days. It’s not really an important number or anything, I just didn’t know what else to name this post. Heehee.

So anyhoo. I’ve finally figured out how to move pictures from my phone to my laptop, so hopefully this post won’t be as boring as the last one, although it might be as long. :D Okay here we go.

So I’ve been here 5 days and so far, I’ve settled in, gone to school and joined a dance class. And, oh yeah, it’s freaking cold. It’s cold and there are girls in freaking SHORTS. I do not understand. Ich verstehe nicht.

My bedroom!

Anyhoo. The area surrounding our house is green and gigantic and beautiful. The first thing we did after lunch when we got home was walk around in the woods. Very Twilight/Criminal Minds-esque.

And now school. Which has probabl

y been the hardest for me, and is still hard. Of course, all the lessons are in German, except English. It’s quite painful and frustrating actually, not being able to understand anything. Heck. It’s kind of horrible. The subjects and all that. And although I’m not really here for school, it would be nice to understand things. And to not be so scared that the teacher will call on me with a question I can’t understand and expect me to answer in a language I don’t know. In fact, they put me in the 10th grade, rather than 11th or 12th, because the 10th grade class stays together, while the higher levels have classes like they do in the States; different classrooms, and different classmates in each class.

My brother, Stepan, can understand and speak German perfectly well, which is another source of frustration for me, but we’re comfortable around each other, making jokes and stuff.

My family has been really nice though. My foster mom taped all these german words to what they mean, like das fenster is the window, and der klavier is the piano. So they’ve been really understanding and helpful. I’m starting to understand a bit what they’re saying because I recognize some words, I guess? But only my family. I don’t know why that doesn’t work in school. :))

View beside our house

My host mom knows a girl in my class, which is why they put me there, and she’s the one who’s been helping me with classes and telling teachers who I am and helping me take the right bus really. At first it was kind of uncomfortable because she didn’t ask for this, and really, someone just told her that she had to help me, or something like that. But now, we’re okay. We talk more often and more kids are talking to me I guess. :))

So far, everything’s been okay. I still cry at the drop of a hat when I hear that someone misses me or when I read a certain cousin’s status message on Facebook.

Tomorrow’s the start of Volksfest, which is like a carnival, and I really wanna go and ride things. I don’t know if we’re going tomorrow or on Sunday or on Monday. But I wanna go. :D And then on saturday, we have this AFS Survival camp thing which sounds like fun.

Oh! And there’s like a pizza shop in Crailsheim (where my school is) named Ariana. O_O Das cool.

Anyhoo. Signing off now. I’ll try and post more often. :D Tschüss!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. koikoy12 says:

    Glad that things are starting to get better! Love you dear! Miss you >:)<

  2. iyamerilles says:

    Germany made a freaking pizza place just to welcome you. =)) Kidd. Love you :D

      1. iyamerilles says:

        Sa Germany lang. JOKE.

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