Countdown: 9 days

Holy crap it’s so near omg omg omg omg omg. O_O When you put it like that… *brb panicking*

Check out the state of my packing. I’m so prepared I love it.

   So anyway. If you look to your left, that’s my room, which I’m currently not sleeping in due to the lack of space on the floor. No, I don’t sleep on the floor. I just wouldn’t be able to go anywhere without tripping so I’m sleeping in my parents’ room until I leave, it seems. I am definitely far from done with my packing. I still need to buy more stuff.

Now, my last entry was about the pre-departure oriention, and a few things have happened since then. Mainly my visa appointment. It was all good, really. I went all tourist at the embassy because they have little pocket things in the windows where you slide all your documents and stuff, and there’s this lever that opens and closes it. O_O

It turns out, you have to have TWO photocopies of all the documents you give. see, they don’t tell you that on their website. I was only reminded to have ONE photocopy. And so they asked me to photocopy the documents. So we were like..okay. (I was with mom during this whole adventure, btw.) Plot twist: It was a holiday for the rest of the Philippines, so we had to walk up and down Makati trying to find an open photocopying place. Ended up taking a taxi all the way to Greenbelt, photocopied the papers in National, and rode a taxi back. Then all was well. Besides the whole photocopying thing, it went pretty smoothly. I think the window ladies at the embassy need happier faces though. :(

So now, all I have to do is keep on hoping, praying, wishing that my visa comes on time. Meanwhile, I’ve had dinner with my AFS batch mates a few nights ago, and it was fun! :) I’ve also been “preparing” in case I need to do a solo cultural performance while I’m there (it’s on the list of things I need to bring.. so yeah..). I’ve been thinking of just singing something like Harana, or whatever. But people are making me feel guilty because I have to represent the country properly and stuff. Meh.

And that’s it really. I still need to buy a few things and gather the strength to put things in my suitcase. I have panic attacks every time I see how close I am to my departure date, so maybe that will motivate me.

In the meantime, hi friends, I’m free most of the time, and I really am rotting at home, so text me if y’all wanna get together, and do it fast, ’cause apparently my schedule fills up pretty quickly. Don’t ask me to plan it by myself either. ‘Cause I won’t. Call me if you need people to chill with around the Katipunan area, especially those people who aren’t doing anything. *ahem*inez*ahem*

And also, try this! It’s a whole bunch of fun. :>

And greet my mom! It’s her birthday today! :D


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