Pre-Departure Orientation

So today, we had a pre-departure orientation at the AFS office here and it was fun. Supposedly it was supposed to last from 1pm to 4pm but the actual orientation, with the powerpoint and whatever only lasted about an hour or less.

What was fun was meeting everybody. Out of all the AFS students leaving, only 4 of us could make it to that orientation, but there were also some alumni, and one intern from Germany. After the orientation, we just stayed and talked and stuff, but it was fun. We all got along so well. It was kinda weird, like as if we all had been friends for a while, but fun all the same. We were all laughing and joking around and stuff. Woo new friends. I had fun. Awesomesauce.

In other news, I got my flight info, my kit thing (which includes bag tags, ribbons, an AFS shirt, and a passport bag). I got some essential documents, and my passport. Then me and mom went shopping. :D

In more news, I got sent like a contact list from my committee coordinator person in Germany and it has pictures of like the students in my committee. I looked through it and there was my picture, next to all the others. And I look so asian holy crap. Nothing bad about it, really. I just stand out.. O_O

Anyhoo. Productive and fun day I must say.

All I really need now is my visa… :|


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  1. iyamerilles says:

    Is it weird that I’m also excited about your trip? As if I’m the one going to Germany? =))

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