Things are happening.

Holy crap things are happening like whoa. O_O

So I finally know where I’m going. Whee!! I’m staying with a single mom.. or adult, in a town called Satteldorf. And the school I’m going to is in a town called Crailsheim. I Google mapped everything already. The school is pretty far from the house, from what I could see. but hey, more exploring for me.

Now, the PDF file that AFS sent me with all the info didn’t have much info. I mean it had a name, address and email but there were some blank fields like “Host family description” and “occupation”, so really I don’t know much about my host mom.

I’m supposed to make first contact with my host mom, so I was thinking of sending her an email, but I really don’t know what to say. I’m all freaked out and stuff, might say the wrong thing. Help me out gays. What should I say? :(

Now, my mom went all…mom… on AFS on the phone, so she got more details. More importantly, when I’m leaving. which is apparently September 7. Holy crap. That’s quite near. In fact, the only a little over a month away, so that’s really REALLY near. Especially for someone without a visa yet, and has not started buying things and packing. Oh Lord.. -__-

So anyway. Yeah, that’s pretty much it for my news. Join me in my freak out session.
And help me out on my email to my host mom. :((

Auf Wiedersehen!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Iya says:

    I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU ARE LEAVING ME :(( how am i supposed to survive?

    1. How is this helping me..

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