Bullet train

And suddenly things come rushing in. O_O

I was first emailed today by the commitee I’m supposed to belong to, which is all the exchange students in my area, I guess. I’m part of the Schwabisch Hall commitee. Schwabisch Hall is a town in Germany, kinda near Satteldorf, from what I could gather in google maps. The students in my commitee come from all over. USA, Canada, Brazil, Italy, Paraguay, Chile, Czech Republic and Switzerland. I’m not sure exactly what we’ll be doing in the commitee, but somethings are happening in September and October.

My host family also emailed while I was composing my email to them. Gave me more confidence on what I should say. Hihi. Turns out my host mom is not single. Oh lol. The info just wasn’t complete. She has a husband and two daughters. And I will also be having a guest brother from the Czech republic. Cool! :))

That’s all for now. I don’t wanna put too much on display. Hihi.

Levels of excitement…and anxiety are mounting.


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