Booklets and checklists

So I learned that I should really check my email more often. I received an email today from my handler containing booklets and things from AFS Germany; Welcome to Germany booklet, Safety Tips, Medical things and a “What to pack” checklist. I got excited. Hihi.

So lets start with this Welcome to Germany Booklet. It has all these facts and tips and reminders and rules about being an AFS student in Germany. You learn new things everyday. These are the things I learned, and things I have to learn.. O_O

220 volts: Woo! Makes life easier.
Honesty: Not just general. Apparently, Germans talk in a very direct manner and expect me to say things directly as well, so I am allowed to say “no” to things. Because here, it’s polite to accept accept what people offer, like food and drinks and things. But nope. I’m supposed to say things directly. Same with my opinions, apparently. I can feel free to say what I think and they won’t hate me. The exact statement was “People may disagree with your opinion on a certain issue, but they will still like you very much as a person. Wishes and criticism are expressed very directly and openly in Germany. This is a sign of trust.” So I’m like.. “Weeelll okay then.. :))”
Internet: I cannot use the Internet too long or too often. Aww… Plus.. I’m gonna be so homesick it’s not even funny. don’t forget me guys.. :(
Food: I have to ask before taking food from the fridge. So no more midnight snacks for me.
Punctual: HAHA. Expected that. It says here that most Germans expect you to keep appointments exactly at the time you agreed on. No more Filipino time!
Voluntary: Meaning the host family does the hosting on a voluntary basis. Meaning they don’t get paid. That hit me. I’m gonna be so freaking grateful to whatever family winds up with my crazy self.
More Food: All I can say is.. ALL DA BREAD. O_O They have break for breakfast and dinner. Imagine all the toppings! Wee!
Clubs: German schools don’t normally offer extracurricular activities, but there are clubs and groups and stuff after school and around town. I’m hoping for a soccer club and dance club. Oh pleasepleasepleaseplease
School: Only until 2. Thank you.
Camp: I’m kind of really excited about this part of the trip. There are 3 AFS camp type things within the trip where you meet with other AFS students from different countries that live in your area.  Woo! All da culture!
Money: Well. The host family thing is voluntary, so it’s rare for them to give me allowance. If I wanna shop, the money will have to come from me. O_O Lol guys you wanna donate to the Iana Foundation? :> :)) Well it says I can get small jobs (lawn mowing, babysitting, tutoring) but I can’t get regular jobs cause they’ll arrest me, or something like that.
Driving: Not allowed. Period. Or they’ll send me home. O_O
Persistent Nonadjustment: Apparently this will send me home too. Whoa. Not that I plan on not adjusting. Just surprised.

Now the “What to pack” checklist. I looked at this before everything else. As I was reading them out loud, Mom went all nostalgic on me, remembering her own checklist for her exchange program to the States.

Swimsuit:Soo apparently, I can only bring a 1-piece swimsuit. Don’t have any problems with that really, just need to ask AFS Philippines if that’s really mandatory, because then I’ll have to buy a new one. (Marks and Spencer yay!)
Filipiniana:Yeah I have to bring one. I have to bring a regional ethnic costume too. Wat.
Life:I have to bring either a photo album, or make a 15 MINUTE powerpoint presentation about my life here and Filipino culture and stuff. 15 MINUTES?! WAT. Who the heck does 15 minute ppt presentations. Speeches should only be 5 minutes max. O_O
Cultural Performance:So I have to do this cultural performance thing. Idk when or where. A cultural performance from my region, the list says. Well.. I live in Cainta, which is already in Region IV.. so… Man. Can’t I just sing some Parokya Ni Edgar song or something..

That’s it really. Idk if any of you really care or bothered to read this whole thing. I just like sharing. :D
Anyhoo. I shall sleep nao.

Guten Nacht!


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