Well I got some news from my “handler” saying that AFS Germany called and apparently they have found a potential family and school for me.
Potential is the key word there. And they haven’t told me where either. -__-

I know I mentioned that I would know everything on July 20, or thereabouts, but there has been some problems with getting a visa.
Apparently, you can’t book a visa appointment with the German embassy without knowing the details (where, you’re staying, what school, etc, etc.)
And it takes freaking 6-8 weeks to process a visa. SIX TO EIGHT. What the heck is that.

So I told my handles at AFS this and she contacted AFS Germany and they’re putting my case as a priority right now
doing everything early. But still, like I said, everything is still only potential. They need the family and school to sign some stuff I think.

I told my mom about the potential family and school thing and I’m pretty sure her exact reaction was “Uyyyyy someone wants youu.”
Wokay.. :))

Soo anyway. Decided to blog about this so I can feel like things are happening. I think I’ve got cabin fever. O_O Staying home all day does not do good things to a person’s sanity.

And so that this blog won’t look so sad. Hihi

Anyhoo. I’m tired. Night. -__-


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